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0.95 inch colour OLED Display module

Specifications: Driver IC:SSD1331 Active Area:26.85(W)X26.86 (H) mm LCD Size:20.14x13.42mm SPI PIN..

$13.59 $13.99

E-ink E-paper Display module 3.3V 2.04 inch 172x72

Description: This E-ink display module is specially made for E-ink display development, no need ..

$29.90 $22.90

E-ink Shiled E-paper shield for Arduino 2.04 inch 172*72

Description: Using this e-ink Arduino module you can easily operate e-ink display on Arduino, the..

$35.00 $31.90

SMD SMDuino UNO Board Arduino compatible

Description:SMduino is the first Non-THT parts Arduino-compatible development board, the board's bac..


Mifare RC522 Card & Reader kit

Product description: The MF522-AN module the original Philips MFRC522 chip design circuit card re..


LCD display 12864

Product description:This is a framed graphical LCD 64x128 with LED backlight. This unit i..


OLED 0.96inch 12864 display module blue

Specification: High resolution 128x64, this OLED screen have more pixels per unit area th..


Tiny RTC I2C module DS1307

Fetures: 24C32 32K I2C EEPROM Memory DS1307 based RTC with LIR2032 battery (Battery..