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E-ink E-paper Display

E Ink (electronic ink) is a paper-like display technology, characterized by high brightness and cont..


0.91 inch OLED display

Description:This is a small size OLED display, very suitable for wearable device. The dimension ..


0.95 inch colour OLED Display module

Specifications: Driver IC:SSD1331 Active Area:26.85(W)X26.86 (H) mm LCD Size:20.14x13.42mm SPI PIN..

$15.99 $13.99

1.43 inch flexible E-ink display 128x296

Description:This E-ink display is a reflective electrophoretic E-Ink technology display module based..


E-ink E-paper Display module 3.3V 2.04 inch 172x72

Description: This E-ink display module is specially made for E-ink display development, no need ..


E-ink E-paper new version display module 3.3V 2.04 inch 172x72

One year ago we made the first e ink module for the makers and developers, this time we made some..


E-ink Shiled E-paper shield for Arduino 2.04 inch 172*72

Description: Using this e-ink Arduino module you can easily operate e-ink display on Arduino, the..

$40.00 $31.90

LCD display 12864

Product description:This is a framed graphical LCD 64x128 with LED backlight. This unit i..


OLED 0.96inch 12864 display module blue

Specification: High resolution 128x64, this OLED screen have more pixels per unit area th..


arduino keypad shield 1602 LCD display

1. This is a basic 16 character by 2 line black-on-green display. 2. Utilizes the extremely com..