DescriptionThis is a breakout board for DRV2605L haptic motor Driver, it works with both 3V and 5V p..

DescriptionThis is a high quality 8x32 pixel LED matrix panel made by WS2812B LED, it uses 0.23mm en..

DescriptionAmeba RTL8710AF is a highly integrated single-chip with low power consumption mechanism f..

DescriptionRTL8710 Wifi Module is a low-cost wireless IoT platform based on Realtek RTL8710 ARM Cort..

Description:It' s a customized mini camera for Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3. With the small size, it can b..

DescriptionRaspberry Pi is well known as the perfect board for learning, coding, and creating your o..

DescriptionThe Raspberry Pi HiFiBox DAC module integrates Professional audio decoding chip PCM5122 o..

   DescriptionThis LED stripe is similar like the well-known full-color LED WS2812 serial,..

DescriptionThis Relay module is a Raspberry Pi compatible module, no DuPont wire is needed. It has t..

DescriptionESP32 is highly-integrated with in-built antenna switches, RF balun, power amplifier, low..

Introduction: The easiest and fastest way to get 5 to 1000 PCBs prototyped for an incredible low pr..

Download: BOM format.xlsPCBA Position Chart Rule for Smart-Prototyping.pdfEagle output coordinate d..


Description:This A6C module combines GSM/GPRS and 0.3M camera on a very small size PCB (3.4 x 4.3 cm..

Education case from customer:Thimble - Making Future EngineersNote: Unassembled price is 39.9USD, as..

Description: This E-ink display module is specially made for E-ink display development, no need ..

Features: Based on ESP8266 Wifi IC, a new version of ESP-12S. Add extra I/Os and SPI pin interface..

Description The Ra-01 LoRa module is made by Ai-Thinker company, the manufacturer of the ESP32S..
$9.00 $7.00

Introduction:Have you ever tried to charge your robot, Arudino or other product wireless? If..
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Description:This NRF58122 M1 bluetooth module used 1.27mm THT holes and castle holes to breakout the..

DIY makezine badge kit learn to solder, battery is not included.2 red LEDs - independently blinkingB..

Specifications: Driver IC:SSD1331 Active Area:26.85(W)X26.86 (H) mm LCD Size:20.14x13.42mm SPI PIN..
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Description: Using this e-ink Arduino module you can easily operate e-ink display on Arduino, the..
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Description: Integration design for soldering station and hot air rework station to keep who..
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Introduction:This is the best infrared thermometer for a small budget we found on the market..

Description:This is a Raspberry Pi compatible GPS module, support Raspberry Pi A, B, A+, B+, Zer..
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Description The Ra-02 LoRa module is made by Ai-Thinker company, the manufacturer of the ESP32S m..
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Introduction:This 5m LED strip with 300 RGB LEDs provides every possible color combination. ..
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Introduction:SMD book R0402 + SMD book C0402A useful book with all SMD resistor /capacitor values..
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Introduction:SMD book R0603 + SMD book C0603A useful book with all SMD resistor /capacitor values..
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