Temperature and Humidity Sensor Breakout Board SHT20 (101859)


Sensiron temperature and humidity sensors are very popular for their accuracy and the SHT20 is no exception.

This is a breakout board for the SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor, a small-sized SMD package. The accuracy is good for most applications with ±3% in relative humidity and ±0.3% for temperature measurements. It provides calibrated, linearized sensor signals in digital, I2C format.

It also has minimal power consumption, a feat considering what’s packed into the mini chip. Compared to the DHT serial sensor, it’s more compact and a better fit for smaller projects.

The SHT20 sensor comes pre-soldered to the breakout board, all you need to do is solder the male header pins to the sensor, hook it up, and start measuring temperature and humidity.



  • Humidity Range - %RH: 0 to 100 %
  • Accuracy: ±3 %RH
  • Supply Voltage: 2.1 to 3.6 V
  • Resolution: 12 b
  • Operating Temp Range: -40 to +125 °C


SHT20 datasheet

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Temperature and Humidity Sensor Breakout Board SHT20 (101859)

This temperature and humidity sensor comes mounted on a breakout board and is unparalleled in accuracy and stability
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