ESP32S Module Breakout Board (101757)


The ESP32 is a newly released chip from Espressif Systems and is a successor to the ESP8266. The module's dimension is bigger than the ESP8266, and more pins.

The problem for making a ESP32S  breakout board is width. If you use THT pin male header and put the silkscreen on the same side, the breakout board width will be around 28mm, if you mount it on breadboard, you can not plugin dupont wire. Our solution is using SMD pin male header mounted on bottom side to reduce the board's width (25mm), in order to leave enough space to plug in the wire on the breadboard. The silkscreen is on top side. This is the best breakout board for ESP32S module.

Note: the ESP3212 model is no long exist, the manufacturer of the ESP3212 changed the module pins and package, also changed the module name to ESP32S.


  • No pin header on the module side so it is easier to solder the ESP32S module on it
  • ENIG surface finish
  • SMD pin male header on backside (assembled)
  • 1.6mm PCB thickness
  • 25 x 51 mm


ESP32S module package

ESP32S breakout board Gerber files

ESP32S breakout board Eagle file

ESP32S breakout board sch

Packing List:

1x breakout board for ESP32S module

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ESP32S Module Breakout Board (101757)

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