Our German boss got homesick, so while he's heading back for Oktoberfest Oct. 1-8th, we're heading to the beach! Please note that we will be unable to respond to orders during this time. We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Also, please don't tell our boss.



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Multimeter Handheld Auto-ranging UT136A

UT136 series are mini handheld auto-ranging digital multimeters that offer users complete functions,..


UT139A True RMS Digital Multimeter

FeaturesUT139 Series digital multimeters are newly designed to offer users better performance and hi..


UT18B Voltage And Continuity Testers

FeaturesUT18 series of test pen with measuring AC and DC voltage (including the three-phase alternat..


UT61A Digital Multimeter

UT61 Series Digital Multimeters are products designed for multi-functional, high precision, high per..


SMD RC & Diode Meter Tweezers MS8910

Feature: Small size and light weight, handheld and portable test tool. Used t..


Multimeter Victor VC830L (U,I,R)

Introduction:This is the best multimeter for a small budget we found on the market. Ca..


Multimeter Victor VC9805A+ (U,I,T,R,C,L, Manual)

Introduction:The is the best manual-range multimeter for a medium budget we found on the..


Multimeter Victor 86D (U,I,T,R,C, Autorange, USB)

Introduction:The is the best auto-range multimeter for a medium budget we found on the mar..