Soldering Equipment

Soldering Equipment

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AT8586 2 Channel Rework System

Description: Integration design for soldering station and hot air rework station to keep who..


AT-8225 Rework System

Description: Two heating areas design in which upside heating area is designed with hot air,..


AT-A822D Hot Air Gun

Specification:Power source: 220V-240V 50/60Hz Output power: 1600W/2000W Temperature..


AT852D Cost-effective Hot Air Station

Description:Closed-loop and MCU zero crossing design for achieving fast heating-up, accurate..


SA-50 soldering iron

Description:Heating element and sensor is designed with PTC ceramic material to obtain fast ..


Soldering iron heater wick

Overview: Application:the article apply to 907 60W solderling station,constant temper..


AT858D+ Hot Air Station

Description: Closed-loop and MCU zero crossing design for achieving fast heating-up, accurat..


Hot Air Station Atten AT850A+

Introduction:This reliable hot-air station is a good choice for long-time operation and long..


AT8502D Double Channel Rework System

Description: MCU and PID algorithm controlled temperature be more accurate. Soldering iron..


Solder Clean Sponge Atten AT-A900

Introduction:An aluminum sponge for cleaning your solder tip during soldering.Features:..


Solder Wick (1.5m x 3.0mm)

Introduction:A solder wick for unsoldering THT or SMD components with a short unsoldering ..