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Prototyping Modules

Prototyping Modules

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E-ink Display module 2.04 inch 172x72

Description: Electronic Ink or as we like to think, Everlasting Ink, imitates the look of normal ..


E-Ink, E-Paper Display Modules

Description:Have you ever seen so many E-Ink displays? If you can’t find what you need here, it prob..


ESP32 Widora-AIR development board

Description:Design and manufactured by Widora company, the Widora-AIR ESP32 development boar..


Espruino Puck.js

DescriptionPuck.js is an intelligent Bluetooth button. With the Espruino JavaScript interpreter on i..


Espruino WiFi

DescriptionThe Espruino WiFi is a tiny WiFi-enabled board that runs JavaScript code (it doesn't need..


LoRa Module Adapter Breakout Board

DescriptionNo idea how to connect LoRa module to your Arduino pin headers? Well, you've come to the ..


LoRa Ra-01 433MHz Long Range Wireless Transceiver - SX1278

DescriptionDeveloped by Ai-Thinker company, the manufacturer of the ESP32S, this Ra-01 LoRa (Long-ra..


NRF51822 M1 bluetooth 4.0/4.1 module 100m range

Description: This NRF58122 M1 bluetooth module used 1.27mm THT holes and castle holes to breakout t..


OpenWrt MT7688 Core Board Widora-BIT WiFi module

Description: The Widora_Bit is a well design core board that based on MT7688AN module, it provide v..


Raspberry Pi Infrared Camera Module

DescriptionExperiment with IR night vision and build some intelligent Special Ops gear straight out ..


WS2812B flexible RGB LED matrix 8x32

DescriptionThis is a high quality 8x32 pixel flexible LED panel featuring WS2812B addressable 5050 L..


0.91 inch OLED Display - 128x32 Pixels

Description:Here is an itty-bitty OLED display for all your wearable or small project needs.OL..


1-16 28BYJ-48-5V 4 phase 5 Line gear stepper motor

DescriptionThis is a great first stepper motor, good for small projects and experimenting with stepp..


Digital Micro Servo with Metal Gears - MG90S

Description:Get your start in robotics and making things move! The MG90S is an upgrade of the SG90 ..


DRV2605L Haptic motor Driver

DescriptionThis is a breakout board for DRV2605L haptic motor Driver, it works with ..


E-ink Display Module with Female Header Pins 2.04 inch 172x72

Description:One year ago, we made the first E-ink module for makers and developers. This time, we ma..

$29.90 $22.90

E-ink Shield for Arduino Uno 2.04 inch 172x72

Description: Finally! A shield is here, so you don’t have to waste time dealing with all those pe..

$35.00 $31.90

Espruino Pico unpinned

DescriptionThe Espruino Pico is a tiny USB stick that runs JavaScript code (it doesn't need to be pl..

$29.90 $24.90

GSM/GPRS WiFi Module A20 IoT camera

DescriptionA20 is a wireless module that combine GPRS and WiFi, also it supports camera connecti..


Leonardo Pro Micro ATmega32U4 for Arduino

Features:MCU: ATMEGA32U4 Operating Voltage: 5.0VClock Speed: 16 MHzSupported under Arduino IDE v1.0...