Electric Power Management

Electric Power Management

To deliver the right voltage in the right place.

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USB charger with voltmeter and amperemeter

Specifications: Job scope: mobile phone charger, (0-2.5 A) detecting the charging current an..


LM2596HV DC-DC step-down power module

Fetures:Input voltage range: 5V - 60V (adviced below 50V)Range of output voltage: 1.2..


DC-DC step-up module MicroUSB

Features:Input voltage: DC 2 V- 24 V Maximum output current: 2A Maximum output voltag..


DC-DC step-up power module with voltmeter LM2577

Features: This DC-DC power module has a Segment Displays as voltmeter, you can press the button..


3.5W 6V High quality solar panels DIY

Feature: - High conversion rate, high efficiency output - Excellent low-l..


5V 8 Channel Relay Module

Product description:This item is a 5V 8-Channel Relay interface board,It can be controlled..


Micro USB Li Battery Charger Module TP4056

Specifications feature: Charge module: Linear charging Current: 1A, adjustabl..


Wireless Charger (5V 500mA)

Introduction:Have you ever tried to charge your robot, Arudino or other product wireless? If..