DescriptionThe Sharp distance sensors are a popular choice for many projects that require accurate d..

Note: The inanimate object is not included.Description:Use a microwave motion sensor to detect trick..

Description:This simple RGB LED breakout board adopts a whopping 3 LEDs to bring a new level of brig..

Description:This nifty little MP3 player can take your projects up a notch by using sound or music a..

Description:This little board is a Doppler radar microwave motion sensor module. It detects motion i..

DescriptionWhile crashing into things is part of the fun of robotics, there comes a time in every ma..

Description:Measure your surrounding air temperature and relative humidity with this conveniently si..

DescriptionSuited for projects that require accurate distance measurements, this IR sensor will also..

DescriptionNo idea how to connect LoRa module to your Arduino pin headers? Well, you've come to the ..

DescriptionThis is a great first stepper motor, good for small projects and experimenting with stepp..

Introduction: The easiest and fastest way to get 5 to 1000 PCBs prototyped for an incredible low pr..

Download: BOM format.xls PCBA Part Placement Drawing.pdf Eagle output coordinate PCB ..


DescriptionPuck.js is an intelligent Bluetooth button. With the Espruino JavaScript interpreter on i..

DescriptionThe Espruino WiFi is a tiny WiFi-enabled board that runs JavaScript code (it doesn't need..

Description: Electronic Ink or as we like to think, Everlasting Ink, imitates the look of normal ..

DescriptionThis is a high quality 8x32 pixel flexible LED panel featuring WS2812B addressable 5050 L..

DescriptionDeveloped by Ai-Thinker company, the manufacturer of the ESP32S, this Ra-01 LoRa (Long-ra..

Introduction:Have you ever tried to charge your robot, Arudino or other product wireless? If..

Description: This NRF58122 M1 bluetooth module used 1.27mm THT holes and castle holes to breakout t..

Introduction:Aluminum PCBs are the perfect solution if you're designing high-current / high-tempera..

Description:One year ago, we made the first E-ink module for makers and developers. This time, we ma..
$29.90 $22.90

Description: Finally! A shield is here, so you don’t have to waste time dealing with all those pe..
$35.00 $31.90

DescriptionThe Espruino Pico is a tiny USB stick that runs JavaScript code (it doesn't need to be pl..
$29.90 $24.90

Introduction:This is the best infrared thermometer for a small budget we found on the market..

Description: This is a Raspberry Pi compatible GPS module, support Raspberry Pi A, B, A+, B..
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Introduction:This 5m LED strip with 300 RGB LEDs provides every possible color combination..
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Introduction:SMD book R0402 + SMD book C0402A useful book with all SMD resistor /capacitor values..
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Introduction:SMD book R0603 + SMD book C0603A useful book with all SMD resistor /capacitor values..
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Introduction:SMD book R0805 + SMD book C0805A useful book with all SMD resistor /capacitor values..
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Introduction:This 5m LED strip with 300 LEDs provides a very comfortable warm white color...
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