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PCB Assembling


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PCBA Part Placement Drawing.pdf

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PCB Assembling FAQ


You need a few PCBs assembled but you don't have the time, skills or equipment to assemble 0402 components, fine pitch ICs or BGAs, or you just need more boards than you can reasonably assemble by yourself?
Then let us assemble the PCBs for you! Professional and reliable. Manual or automated. We've got you covered, whatever your PCBA needs are.

How it works:

  1. Send us all necessary PCBs, solder paste stencils and parts or all relevant information about it if you want only a quotation first.
  2. Send us the BOM as an Excel, CSV or OpenOffice table with all clear defined part identifiers to scm@smart-prototyping.com. To speed up quotation procedure, we recommend you download our BOM format above and fill in your required components info accordingly.
  3. If some identifiers on the PCBs are missing send us also a PDF with the layout and all identifiers which are necessary for assembling. Take especially care that the polarity is clearly defined where ever necessary.
  4. We will send you a quotation for the whole assembling which you can confirm.
  5. We will assemble the PCB for you.
  6. Choose what kind of testing you want to have directly after assembling and what tests you want after flashing the firmware (please check PCB Testing). We do visual inspection after PCB Assembly. We recommend to do Power-On Test or Functional Test (according to your requirements) to ensure the quality. For Power-On Test, input voltage, expected current and expected result need to be provided by you.

Send us everything what we need to scm@smart-prototyping.com so that we can prepare you a quotation. For AOI and X-Ray tests or higher quantities ask us for a discount. Also let us know if you want to combine this service with other services.

Assembling Cost (USD):
Manual without StencilManual with StencilAutomatic with Stencil
Base Price:19.9929.99699.99
THT Pads:
SMT Pads:
No-Lead Pads:
Minimum Price:79.9999.99799.99

Example (USD):

(all prices are per board assembled)

Arduino UNO THT Arduino UNO SMT Arduino Mega ADK
THTSMTNo-Lead Pads THTSMTNo-Lead Pads THTSMTNo-Lead Pads
Pins | Pads per PCB878633 5911833 11334633
Quantity of Boards :101001000 101001000 101001000
Manual w/o Stencil:19.1717.3717.19 20.3318.5318.35 41.2739.4739.29
Manual with Stencil:12.9010.209.93 12.469.769.49 21.0019.3019.03
Automatic Assembly:79.9912.546.24 79.9911.465.16 80.0016.4410.14


SMT Pads:in the calculation SMT Pads doesn't include No-Lead Pads
No-Lead Pads:like QFN, BGA, or heat sink below an IC
Manual without stencil:placing and soldering is done for every single part by hand
Manual with stencil:after applying solder paste on the PCB, all SMT parts can be placed and soldered together
Automatic with stencil:all parts are placed and soldered automatically after the line is set up


Combine this PCB assembling service with our other electrical prototyping services to a turnkey solution:


Price: We are working in the moment on an automated price calculation directly on the website. We will make it available as soon as possible. Please kindly note that Double-Sided PCBA, 0201 package, FPCA,X-Ray test for BGA will increase cost. More details will be shown in our detailed quotations. 

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