About Us

Created and boosted by NOA Labs, Smart Prototyping is the complete solution to all your prototyping, product and development projects, no matter how small or large, low or high budget. From electronic to mechanical to mechatronics, Smart Prototyping has got you covered.

As your prototyping design service and online electronic web store, Smart Prototyping is based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to bring you the best in electronic expertise in the Pearl River Delta. Known as ‘The Factory of the World”, this is China and Asia’s fastest growing region for electronic manufacturing, prototyping and production.

Not only can the production of cheap toys and goods be found in this region, but also the manufacturing of high-end consumer products like XBox, PlayStation and smartphones by the likes of Apple and Huawei. Thousands of factories for PCBs, PCBAs, CNC milling, CNC turning, laser-cutting, moulding, extrusion, assembling and many other processes are also found in this region.

Because of our direct access to this region, Smart Prototyping can offer you all the services, parts and devices you require at incredibly reasonable pricing. Our dedicated team of both Westerners and local Chinese gives you the advantage as a direct link to the many electronic manufacturers in the area. This by far outweighs the difficulty of having to travel to China, locating local manufacturers yourself and negotiating with them in fluent Chinese. We take care of the whole process from start to finish so you don’t have to.

In addition to offering you the best prices possible, we strive to deliver you the best quality for those prices. Our CEO and founder, Alex Murawski, is a German M.Sc. in Mechatronics and sets the expectations in quality and safety high. All products are carefully selected by our team of electronic and IT specialists to deliver you the highest quality results.

So that’s Smart Prototyping in a nutshell - if you need quality products, the best prices and local expertise, we are the solution for you. Let’s create together!

Since 2012, Smart Prototyping has delivered over US$700,000 worth of electronic components and prototyping services to more than 3200 customers in 54 countries.