New ZOE-M8Q-0 Ultra small u-blox M8 GNSS SiPs( 102157)


Ultra small GNSS SiPs (System in Package) with superior performance
. Ultra small size SiP 4.5 mm x 4.5 mm x 1.0 mm
. Fully integrated and complete solution, reducing total design efforts
. Ideal for passive antennas, due to built-in SAW and LNA
. High accuracy thanks to concurrent reception of up to 3 GNSS
. –167 dBm sensitivity for reliable positioning in challenging conditions

ZOE-M8G and ZOE-M8Q are u-blox’s latest, highly integrated System in Package (SiP) GNSS solutions based on the high performing u-blox M8 concurrent positioning engine. The new, record breaking ultra miniature form factor integrates a complete GNSS SiP, including SAW filter, LNA and TCXO. 

ZOE-M8 SiPs are targeted for applications that require a small size without compromising performance. For RF optimization, the ZOE-M8 SiPs integrate a front-end SAW filter and an additional front-end LNA for increased jamming immunity and easier antenna integration. A passive antenna can be used to provide a highly integrated system solution with minimal eBOM. Incorporating ZOE-M8 into customer designs is simple and straightforward thanks to the fully integrated design, single voltage supply (ZOE-M8G 1.8 V, ZOE-M8Q 3 V),

low power consumption, simple interface, and sophisticated interference suppression that ensure maximum performance even in GNSS-hostile environments.

With its dual-frequency RF front-end, the ZOE-M8 SiPs are able to utilize concurrent reception of up to 3 GNSS systems (GPS/Galileo together with either BeiDou or GLONASS). In addition, the ZOE-M8 SiPs provide an SQI interface for optional external flash, allowing future firmware upgrades and improved A-GNSS performance. 
Thanks to u-blox advanced algorithms and a complete GNSS solution, ZOE-M8 SiPs meet even the most stringent requirements in versatile industrial and consumer applications, such as UAVs, vehicles and assets tracking. The ZOE-M8 series also supports message integrity protection, anti-jamming, and anti-spoofing, providing reliable positioning in difficult environmental conditions as well as in security attack scenarios.
The ZOE-M8 S-LGA (Soldered Land Grid Array) packaging technology is easily integrated in manufacturing, which enables easier and more reliable soldering processes compared to a standard LGA package. 

The ZOE-M8 SiPs are fully tested and qualified according to E = External Flash Required • o T 1 • o = Optional, or requires external components  the JESD47 / ISO 16750 standard. 

Basic Technical Specifications

Weight: 10g

Datasheets & Links:

ZOE-M8B Datasheet

ZOE-M8B Product Summary


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ZOE-M8Q-0 Ultra small u-blox M8 GNSS SiPs( 102157)

ZOE-M8Q-0 Ultra small u-blox M8 GNSS SiPs
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