Zio Qwiic E-ink Display (2.9inch, black and white, and Red, 296x 128 pixel) (101921)


An E-ink module is great, how about to make it even nicer? Here we go! Instead of using SPI protocol, we have created the I2C E-ink display to join our Qwiic family. So you can daisy chain this E-ink display just like the other Qwiic modules! E-ink displays are a great solution to have a static images without using paper or even power. After setting up the image the power can be completely disconnected and the image stays on the display. This particular display has a 296x128 black ink pixels on a white background - or we have even a tricolor option which incorporates red ink pixels

Nothing fancy here, we added a STM32 as the gateway, that it communicates the SPI to the I2C system. Basically, the content is transferred from the I2C to the SPI to refresh the display.

In order to inherit the ultra low power consuming feature of the E-ink display, the STM32 IC goes into deep sleep mode (2uA power consuming). In addition an I2C chip is used for waking up the STM32. If you are curious about the actual hardware setup, feel free to check the E-ink display schematic.

We’ve also published the code for STM32, and very nicely, you can re-program the STM32 by using the female header pins. The code will release soon.


  • On board IC: STM32F103C6T6A, (32-bit 32 kB Flash 10 kB RAM)
  • E-ink display
    • Resolution:  296x128 pixel
    • Display Thickness: 1.06mm
    • Display Dimension: 79.0x 36.7mm
    • Display Area Dimension: 66.89x 29.05mm
    • Module Dimension: 79.1x 43.04mm
    • Pixel Pitch (mm): 0.227(H) X 0.226(V)
    • DPI: 112
    • Display Color (Optional): Black and White, Black, White and Red
    • Refresh Time (room temp.): 680 ms
    • Interface: IIC
    • Operation Voltage: 2.4- 3.7V
    • Operation Temperature: 0~60°C
    • Storage Temperature: -25~80°C
    • Module Weight: 6.4g
    • Display IC: IL3820
    • FPC Connector model: FH12-24S-0.5SH


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Zio Qwiic E-ink Display (2.9inch, black and white, and Red, 296x 128 pixel) (101921)

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