Project North Star 3D Printed Parts Kit (v3.1SPC) (101990)

Note: Current kits ship with this optics bracket which accommodates our single-piece combiner set. We no longer offer optics brackets for the older combiners.

This kit includes all the 3D printed parts you need to build the North Star headset. It also includes our custom sensor mount, designed to accommodate the Occipital Structure Core or Intel T265.

The full set takes around 40 hours to print. Please keep in mind that these parts are printed on a prosumer-grade FDM 3D printer, and so don’t have the fit and finish of the injection molded parts found in consumer products. Expect some minor offsets, blemishes, etc.

The heatset: we will pre-install the heat-set threaded inserts where necessary, so you don’t have to do it by yourself.

Additional and improved parts compare to North Star github version 3.1: We’ve also added some additional printed parts, like

  • Multi-Mount for different sensors
  • 25cm and 75cm display mounts
  • Modified AL bar endcap


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Project North Star 3D Printed Parts Kit (v3.1SPC) (101990)

Project North Star 3D Printed Parts Kit
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