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North Star Deck X Specific Electronics

This bundle includes CombineReality’s North Star Integrator, a USB Hub System with integrated Arduino and flash drive. It cuts down the use of cables on all Project North Star headsets from 4 to 2 and is packed with a bunch of features:

  • USB-C hub, two USB 3.0 ribbon connectors, and one USB 2.0 ribbon connector
  • 512MB on-board flash drive (only works when connected to a USB 3.0 host)
  • Arduino Leonardo compatible microcontroller, featuring a Qwiic connector that can be used to connect additional sensors like an IMU, as well as HID buttons that can emulate keyboard keys. A button breakout board is included, and the microcontroller is preflashed with firmware that maps the buttons to the default ergonomics adjustment keys. (Eye relief, eye position, and IPD)
  • Also allows for manual power reset of sensor USB ports via a GPIO pin.
  • A fan, the speed of which is controlled by the Arduino-compatible microcontroller.
  • Ribbon adapter board for Intel® RealSense™ T261 embedded 6-DOF module (ribbon cable included)
  • Ribbon adapter board for Leap Motion Controller (ribbon cable included)

For a full overview of the kit's content, please check the Bill of Materials tab.


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This headset kit requires a certain level of technical expertise. Please consult these technical resources before purchasing:



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This Bill of Materials can be downloaded here: PDF. The BOM can also be accessed here in a Google Spreadsheet.



North Star Deck X Specific Electronics

Note: The next batch of the Integrator (our hub system) which is included in this product is currently in production. You can place your order, but it will be around one month until the product is ready to ship.


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