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Project North Star Mechanical Parts (v3.x) (excl. 3D Printed Parts)

This is the sub-kit for the Project North Star kit, this kit contains all the mechanical parts except the 3D printed parts.

Check what’s inside the kit here:

Part Name
per Kit
Leap Motion
Part Number
Mechanical Parts
(excl. 3D Printed Parts)
4Spring Left (0.304-in OD Torsion Spring 180 Deg. L-Hand Wound)
5Spring Right (0.304-in OD Torsion Spring 180 Deg. R-Hand Wound)
6M2.5x0.45 6mm Long Steel Flat Head Screw 90 Deg CS
7M4x0.7 20mm Steel Button Head Socket Screw
8M2x8mm Long Thread-Forming Screws for Plastic
9M4x0.7mm Zinc Plated Nylon Insert Hex Lock Nut
108x16x2mm Rubber Washer
11M2.5x0.45 3.4mm Long Heat-Set Insert for Plastics
123x10x165mm 6061 Aluminum Bar Slide (Pre-Drilled & Threaded)
13Gen 2 Welding Headgear
14Foam Forehead Padding (Pre-Cut)
15Thin Foam
162mm Thick Self-Stick Anti-Skid Rubber 3M Tape (Pre-Cut)
17Cable Ties 3*100mm

The included parts are almost the same as those from Leap motion’s release 3.
We’ve also pre-cut, tapped, drilled, or otherwise prepared some of the parts that were originally specified as raw materials..

  • Springs: We’ve cut them into the exact lengths necessary for use.
  • Aluminum bars: We’ve drilled and tapped the holes with 0.45mm thread pitch, so you don’t need to do it yourself. We’ve also added a single threaded hole at the back end of the bar, allowing solid attachment of the end caps.
  • Gen 2 welding headgear: we’ve opted to include the Gen 2 version, as opposed to the Gen 3 specified in Leap motion’s current design. We’ve done this for pricing and availability reasons. As the Gen 2 only constitutes two dollars of the kit’s price, it won’t be a big waste if you opt to source the Gen 3 headgear locally by yourself.
  • Foam forehead padding: We’ve cut the foam into the right shape and size for the 3D printed parts, which should save you significant time and effort.
  • We’ve also included some zip ties, for all your cable management needs. After all, one can never have too many zip ties. Right?

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Project North Star Mechanical Parts (v3.x) (excl. 3D Printed Parts)

Project North Star Mechanical Parts (excl. 3D Printed Parts)
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