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New BOE Display Ribbon Adapters

After discussion, although the cost has risen drastically, in order to feed back the majority of new and old customers, we decided to have a big sales promotion at the end of the year (this price is a pair of about two pieces)

Not much can be said about these display ribbon adapters, except that our entire headset-building experience has been changed forever, and so will yours—because it no longer involves peeling display cables!

If you’ve built a Project North Star headset before, you’ve also peeled the FPC ribbon cables from your displays, which means you know how scary it can be. We know quite a few people, including ourselves, who have damaged their display at least once just from doing this.

Now, to install your displays, all you need to do is connect one of these display ribbon adapters, slide them together into the tray (get the 3D-print files here for the design that accommodates the ribbon adapters), and connect the other end to your display driver board.

Incidentally, this also opens up the possibility of using Project North Star electronics in other DIY headset builds, including VR headsets. Lest anybody forget, we’re using the same displays as the Index, at up to 120Hz.

These display ribbon adapters are also included in our Kit A and North Star Classic Electronics & Optics Kit, and available as an add-on with your North Star Display.


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This Bill of Materials can be downloaded here: PDF. The BOM can also be accessed here in a Google Spreadsheet.



BOE Display Ribbon Adapters

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