Intel® RealSense™ T261 + Accessories (102027)

This is the bare module form of the completely epic Intel® RealSense™ T265.


For the official marketing spiel for the T265, check out the Intel® RealSense™ page about it. But then come back here to buy a single T261 instead. ;)


This is basically to inside-out 6-DOF tracking what the MPU-6050 was to MEMs inertial sensors. Two 170-degree fisheye cameras look out from the front of the module while a Bosch IMU provides inertial data. All of this gets fed into a miraculous little blob of computer vision AI running on Intel’s equally miraculous little Myriad X vision processor. And out pops your 6-DOF orientation and translation solution at 200Hz with only 6ms latency. And, to top it all off, there’s a Unity asset package!


Yes, you can buy the T261 for $100 directly from Intel, but you’ve gotta buy a tray of eight of them. We’ve gone and purchased a bunch of them for resale to the North Star community, but also had to pay a bit in the way of tariffs and taxes to do it, hence our price.


Also, the Deck X is super-cute with an integrated T261 instead of a great big honkin’ T265 on the multimount on our old version of North Star v3.1. You want your headset to be cute, right?


What you’ll get with your Intel® RealSense™ T261:

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This Bill of Materials can be downloaded here: PDF. The BOM can also be accessed here in a Google Spreadsheet.



Intel® RealSense™ T261 + Accessories (102027)

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