DIY Digital Oscilloscope Solder Kit DSO138 (101759)


DSO138 DIY Oscilloscope kit was designed for both training and tool of development use. The design is clear and easy to understand. Users will have more understanding for oscilloscope during soldering the kit, and own a very useful oscilloscope which is made by their own hand.


  • MCU: ARM Cortex-M3 (STM32F103C8 )
  • Number of Channel: 1
  • Analog Bandwidth: 0 - 200KHz
  • Sensitivity: 10mV/Div - 5V/Div
  • Sensitivity error: < 5%
  • Resolution: 12-bit
  • Maximum Input voltage: 50Vpk
  • Coupling: DC, AC, GND
  • Max Real-time Sampling Rate: 1Msps
  • Time-base: 10us/Div - 500s/Div
  • Record Length: 1024
  • Trigger Modes: Auto, Normal, Single
  • Trigger Types: Rising/falling edge
  • Trigger Position: 1/2 of buffer size fixed
  • Display: 2.4-inch color TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution
  • 9V DC (8 - 12V acceptable)
  • Supply Current: 120mA
  • Dimension: 117mm X 76mm X 15mm
  • Weight: 70 gram (not including cables)

Important Notes:

  • It is assumed that users have adequate soldering skills and troubleshooting skills to assemble the DSO138 kits. We don't guarantee that you can get a working deice in the end. But we make as much efforts as we can to help you approaching that goal.
  • Each main-board has been tested to ensure no short or open on MCU soldering. Each LCD board is also tested to verify soldering is good and display is functional. However, all the rest components are provided with good quality.

User Guide and Datasheet:

Packing list:

Assembled kit:

  • 1x DSO138 Oscilloscope
  • 1x Power supply adapter
  • 1x Acrylic case (parts)

Unassembled kit:

  • 1x All the necessary parts of DSO138 Oscilloscope
  • 1x Power supply adapter
  • 1x Acrylic case (parts)

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DIY Digital Oscilloscope Solder Kit DSO138 (101759)

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