The Raspberry Pi 4 is a very powerful device, and consumes more power than its predecessors, as a result producing a lot more heat sometimes making a dedicated heatsink a necessity.

The kit consists of two main components: the top enclosure, making contact with both the RAM and CPU via thermal pads; another for the bottom, securing the heatsink in place.

The sleek design of the enclosure fits the shape of the RPi 4, and leaves all of the connectors and GPIO easily accessible and ready to use.

Included are two 20mm fans that push air towards the aluminium helping to dissipate heat more efficiently. The fans simply connect directly to the RPi's 5 Volt and Ground pins.

Note: We have specially sourced suitable thickness (2.0mm) thermal silicone pads to make contact with the CPU and RAM; transferring heat more efficiently and effectively.


  • Fans Total Power:0.6W (5V, 0.12A)
  • Weight: 86g

Packing List:

  • 1 x Top Enclosure
  • 1 x Bottom Enclosure
  • 2 x 20mm Cooling Fans
  • 12 x Screws
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 3 x Thermal Silicone Pad

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Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure Kit for Raspberry Pi 4 (101998)

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