OLED Display (0.96 in, 128x64, SSD1306, I2C) (100952)


Thinner, better, faster, stronger. 

Sorry, we got carried away, but compared to LCD displays OLED is indeed thinner and more efficient. LCDs require backlight whereas OLEDs emit the light themselves with pixels, this particular one in 128x64 pixels to be precise. This allows a thinner build and results in a higher contrast. Can you feel the crispiness? 

This 0.96-inch (1x1) inch display makes this one of our smaller versions; perfect for small projects, wearables, and other portables. You can view its crispy blue graphics from a wide, 160-degree angle range. And it has a low, low 0.06W power consumption in regular working conditions. Extreme temperatures are even no match for this module which can operate in -30 to 70 degree C temperatures.


  • High-resolution at 128x64 pixels
  • 160 degrees viewing angle
  • Lower power consumption: only 0.06W with normal use
  • Power supply AC3V-5V, working very well with Arduino
  • Working temperature: -30 degrees to 70 degree Celsius 
  • Dimensions: L27.8 x W27.3 x H4.3 mm
  • Compatible 3.3v and 5.0v chip I/O level
  • Driver IC SSD1306

You can use this screen on:

  • Smart watches
  • Smart car camera monitor for realtime display
  • Battery capacity management
  • MP3s
  • Basic Cellphones
  • Portable health devices

Arduino Connection

OLED ModuleArduino
VCC5V or 3.3V

Check this tutorial on instructable to learn how to use this OLED display work with Arduino


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OLED Display (0.96 in, 128x64, SSD1306, I2C) (100952)

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