PCB Assembling FAQ


Q1: What do I need to send for a turnkey PCB Assembly quotation and order?

A1: BOM (Bill of Materials) as an Excel, CSV or OpenOffice table with clear defined identifiers for all parts (please download our BOM format)

  • Gerber files
  • Parts placement drawing
  • Centroid data file (This is the machine file which should include X, Y, Theta (Rotation), Side of Board (top or bottom), and Reference Designator. This is sometimes called XYRS data (X,Y, Rotation, Side), pick and place data, or simply XY data. .XLS or .CSV formats are preferred. )
  • Other requirements or assembly instructions if applicable


Q2: What is your minimum PCB Assembly order quantity?

A2: Our minimum PCB Assembly order quantity is 1. However, our minimum PCB manufacturing quantity is 5, which means you need to order at least 5 PCBs even if you only need 1 PCB to be assembled. We will delivery assembled PCBs, unused bare PCBs and unused components to you.


Q3: What is the lead time for a turnkey PCB Assembly order?

A3: The final lead time is PCB/Stencil manufacturing time + parts delivery time + PCBA time + firmware flashing time (if requested) + functional test time (if requested). Our sales person estimates the lead time for you while preparing an official and detailed quotation. If you need expedited PCBA service, please inform us your expected date to receive your order.


Q4: What kind of tests do you do after PCBA?

A4: We do visual inspection, basic short circuit test and power-on test (input voltage and expected current need to be offered by clients). We strongly recommend you to offer functional test procedures to ensure quality before shipment.


Q5: Can you solder BGA components?

A5: Yes, we can solder BGAs; we also do X-Ray tests for BGA soldering.


Q6: Can you do double-sided PCBA?

A6: Yes, we can.


Q7: I'd like to know if you can produce and do PCBA for flexible circuit boards.

A7: Yes, we are able to produce and do PCBA for flexible circuit boards.


Q8: How do you source and order components?

A8: Firstly, we source components from our local reliable vendors or distributors to get reasonable prices, guaranteed quality and lead time. If some of the components have to be ordered abroad, we will source and order components from DigiKey, Mouser, Future, Master or Farnell through our licensed agent.


Q9: Can you help me reduce BOM cost by suggesting cheaper parts with identical function?

A9: Yes, we would like to do this for you if you accept alternative parts from different manufacturers. Please clearly mark them in the BOM and inform our sales person. Besides, additional cost might be charged after we evaluate the workload.


Q10: Can I specify the manufacturers or suppliers for components?

A10: Yes, please clearly mark them in the BOM.


Q11: Can I send you some or all components for my PCB Assembly order?

A11: Yes. However, before you send them to us, please contact us with full details of shipping information, quantities and part numbers of components and declared value for our import customs.


Q12: What do you do with unused parts?

A12: We return all unused parts to you whether you supply parts or we supply parts. We can also keep all unused parts for you to repeat orders in the future.


Q13: Will you ship the used stencil to me after PCBA?

A13: Yes, if you request. We can also keep the stencil for you for maximum 6 months. After 6 months, we will clear the stencils out of our storehouse.