Panelized PCBs

If you require your PCBs in a panel, you can either:

  • indicate in the file they should be in a panel with array requirements
  • or indicate in your order form with, “Required”, and we will do it for you using either V-Cut or for irregular outlines milling/continuous holes

Usually, we will add a 5mm panel border around the array.

Note: If you indicate on the order form “Required”, you will be asked to provide array specifications (Row x Column). By filling in 3x5, you will receive panels with 15 PCBs boards arrayed in 3 rows and 5 columns. The system will automatically calculate the final dimension for the panels for the quotation and add 5mm panel border on the shorter side. The Dimensions field should contain the dimensions for an individual PCB.

If you want panels, you should also specify in the PCB Quantity section how many panels you want, not how many individual PCBs you’d like. 

For example:

If you need 30 individual PCBs and they are 30x20mm each and you didn’t indicate in your file to panelize them, you should select “Required” in the Panelized PCBs field.

Let’s say you want them in 3 rows and 2 columns, so you should enter “3x2” next to “Required”.

Now, you need to go to the PCB Quantity field and change the quantity you want from 30 to 5. Since you want 30 PCBs and you want them 6 to a panel, you’re left with 5 panels.