Phone Number and VAT Number Field Updates

We have implemented some useful updates in the user backend to provide you with better user experience when shopping on our website:

1. Add a VAT number to your account information (optional):

This is not a required piece of information. However, if your country’s customs requires you to provide a VAT number for customs clearance, you can input your VAT number here and we will include it on the invoice with the package.

2. Add your phone number to the shipping address:

Previously, you could only add one phone number in a field in the account information page, but sometimes when shipping to another address a different phone number is required.
To solve this, we’ve added a second phone number field. The first remains the phone number located on your account information page while the second has been added to the shipping address page. Read below on how to properly set them up in your user account.

Account phone number:

Here you can set up your account phone number, which we’ll use to contact you regarding questions about your order.

Shipping phone number:

To find this field, go to Account and navigate to “Modify your address book entries” where you’ll see a phone number field. This phone number will be associated with this shipping address.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us.