Programmer for ESP-WROOM-32 Module (102065)


Note: Not include ESP-WROOM-32 module.

This is a very smart design that is used for programming ESP-WROOM-32 module. It uses a special pins that has elastic force, the pins are placed in the PCB with correct pitch, so it can hold the module’s pins, stably keep the connection, then you can finish the programming without soldering the module to another board.

The programmer board also breaks out all the module’s pins to 2.54 male headers, so you can test the flashing result. That is really sweet. 

How to use it:

  1. Download and install the cp2102 driver
  2. Download Expressif’s ESP Flash Download tool
  3. Put the module in the socket, connect the micro USB cable to your PCB and this programmer, then use the flash download tool to start programming. 
  4. Supported Modules: ESP-WROOM-32, ESP-WROOM-32D, ESP-WROOM-32U, ESP32-SOLO-1.


  • Dimension: 51 x 55mm
  • Weight: 23.5g


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Programmer for ESP-WROOM-32 Module (102065)

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