SMT Solder Paste Stencil

Here is the list for solder paste stencil effective area dimensions (the area that contains all the openings), frame dimensions and shipping weight.

Stencil dimension

Effective area width x Length

Shipping weight

With Frame

Without Frame

300 x 400 mm

140 x 240 mm

1.1 Kg

0.4 Kg

370 x 470 mm

190 x 290 mm

1.56 Kg

0.6 Kg

420 x 520 mm

240 x 340 mm

2.5 Kg

1.45 Kg

584 x 584 mm

380 x 380 mm

2.9 Kg


550 x 650 mm

350 x 450 mm

3.7 Kg


736 x 736 mm

500 x 500 mm

6.5 Kg


We can also provide larger stencils of up to 500 x 1400 mm, please contact us if you require a size above what is listed above.


SMT Solder Paste Stencils


Solder paste stencils are used to accurately and easily apply solder paste to PCBs. Stencils save time and ensures consistency compared to application by hand, especially when handling PCBs in bulk.  

A stencil is made by laser cutting openings where SMTs will be placed, into a stainless-steel foil. After aligning the stencil to the board, solder paste is applied using a metal squeegee over the openings.  

The size and thickness of the openings will determine the amount of paste that remains on the board after removing the stencil. The right amount of solder paste is vital for optimal electrical connections.


We offer two types of SMT stencils in varying sizes:


Framed SMT Stencils

Also known as glue-in stencils, these laser-cut stencils are permanently mounted into a frame made of mesh borders. These borders allow the foil to be tightly stretched taunt in the frame. We recommend this stencil for high volume production.

Frameless SMT Stencils

Unlike Framed SMT stencils, frameless stencils are not permanently glued into a frame. They are designed to work within the “Universal Frame” system, otherwise known as Reusable Frame Stencils. These stencils require less storage space and are recommended for screen printing, for prototyping, or for small production volumes. They are also less expensive than framed stencils.

If you’d like to reduce the stress and complexity of hand soldering by using a stencil, head back to our PCB Online Quotation system to place an order for your stencil.