10pc RGB LED Packet (5050) (200001)

WS2812B is a 5050 RBG LED with integrated driver chip. By the integrated driver chip, it can achieve 1024 points of cascading (refresh rate at 30fps), and every pixel is individually addressable. Every pixel of 256 brightness display and 16777216 color variance. Only the 4th pin of the WS2812B, the integrated driver circuit and LEDs share the same 5V power, and 2 pins for signal transmission. Because of the ingenious design, the circuit design for this LED become very simple. 

Manufacturer Requirements for Baking
Please keep it in a condition of 65 ~ 70 degrees at least 4 hours before production. After finish preheating, put it into production within 2 hours.

- Model: 5050RGB WS2812B
- Package: SMD 5050 PLCC, 5mm, 4 SMD leads
- Input Voltage: 3.5V - 5V DC
- Wave Length (NM): R-620nm, G-525nm, B-460nm
- Power: 0.24W/PCs
- Signal: NZR, 800kbps WS2811 chip built in
- Data Output: Build in signal reshaping to DOUT for cascading to the next chip
- Precision: 8 bits/256 shades per color (24 bits per chip, 16M colors total)
- View Angle: 120 degree
- Life Span: no less than 50000hrs

WS2812B Data sheet  Pay attention carefully the “Reflow Considerations
OctoWS2811 LED Library - Driving hundreds to thousands of LEDs
Adafruit NeoPixel Library - Based on Arduino platform
Light weight library - For 8-Bit AVR micro controllers

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10pc RGB LED Packet (5050) (200001)

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