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Zio DC-DC Booster

The Zio DC-DC is an adjustable voltage booster that can take a 3.7v to 10v input and boost any higher voltage between 5v and 12.5v.

The board features four connectors (one set of screw terminals, two JST PH connectors, and a micro-USB connector) on the input bus, and a set of screw terminals and PTH pads for the output.

Output voltage is adjusted using a potentiometer that can be adjusted with a Phillips or 2mm flathead screwdriver. The 24-segment (3 seven-segment digits and three decimal indicators) display can be toggled using a momentary switch to show the input voltage or output voltage, and a second momentary switch toggles the output on and off.

Note: This board can only boost, and doesn’t have the ability to regulate the input to lower voltage.


  • Booster IC: TPS61088
  • Input: 3.7v to 10v
  • Output: 5v to 12.5v
  • Dimension: 46.8x 56.7mm
  • Weight: 20.7g


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Zio DC-DC Booster

Zio DC-DC Booster
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