Battery Holder for Zio (4x AA, 6V) (101947)


This battery holder with the customized cable is suitable for supplying power for Qwiic DC motor driver board and Qwiic servo motor driver board. It has 4 x AA battery seats which can output 6V DC power.

Qwiic (I2C) system can only allow around 220mA current, and this is not enough and not safe to drive high current devices like servo and motor. e need to use external power. And this is the most suitable battery holder to carry it .

The cable connector is a 2.0mm PH male connector, so it is also possible to use 2.0mm jumper wire to break out for other usage. It comes with a switch that can help you to manage the power on/off easily.


  • Battery: 4 x AA battery
  • Output: 6V
  • Dimension: 70.6x 64.6x 19.4mm
  • Cable length: 155mm
  • Weight: 36.0g
  • Black Wire: GND
  • Red Wire: VCC

Suitable for:

  1. Zio DC motor driver board
  2. Zio Servo Motor Driver board

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Battery Holder for Zio (4x AA, 6V) (101947)

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