Project North Star Kit C (Assembled & Calibrated) (102001)

NOTE: This kit is currently only available in black. It will take approximately two weeks until your order is ready to ship.

This modular AR headset kit from CombineReality provides a pre-assembled Project North Star headset (Leap Motion Controller, 6-DOF sensor are not included). As well as headset kits, individual components can be purchased for your set-up–including the lenses, display drivers boards, and high-resolution 120Hz-capable displays specified in Leap Motion’s North Star reference design.

The 3D-printed plastic parts used in this version are those for the v3.1 Simplified Optics Bracket variation, which is a more rigid part and easier to assemble. As Project North Star evolves, elements of the design will inevitably be improved. CombineReality enables you to stay up-to-date with the latest iterations by offering you the newest individual parts and components for your builds–so, no longer do you have to invest in your own 3D printer or source hard-to-find components.

There are multiple categories of components that go into constructing a Project North Star headset, so we’ve brought them all together to make it much easier for developers out there to either get started with their own build or bring their current builds up to spec.  These components include:

  • Specialized and hard-to-find parts: Combiners (aka lenses or reflectors), Display Driver Board, and displays.
  • Off-the-shelf mechanical components: Screws, springs, aluminum bars, foam padding, headband resizer, etc.
  • Accessories: Cables, USB extension cable power adapter, display driver debug header adapter, etc.
  • 3D-printed plastic mechanical components: Optics bracket, electronics tray, slide mechanism, display holders, etc.

All of the hand tools necessary to assemble your headset are included.

The AR Headset Kit Options

Our kits include the following options:

  • Kit A Includes: everything from categories 1, 2, and 3, plus the assembly tools.
  • Kit B Adds: the 3D printed parts, for those who do not own or have access to a 3D printer.
  • Kit C Includes: a fully assembled and pre-calibrated headset, for which the individual calibration profile will be emailed to buyers. Kit C also includes the assembly tools in case purchasers want to replace or upgrade their assembled headset.

If you have any questions or requests, then please contact us. For a full overview of the kit's content, please check the Bill of Materials tab.

*** Technical Resources ***

This headset kit requires a certain level of technical expertise. Please consult these technical resources before purchasing:

CombineReality Kit C Focal Distance

The CombineReality Project North Star headset that you ordered is available in two variations with a fixed focal depth of either 25cm or 75cm.

If your intended use case is primarily based on up-close interactions with interface elements or objects within arm's reach, we recommend the 25cm variant, which also offers the full field of view possible with the current North Star optics design.

If your use case involves a lot of virtual content placed in the environment beyond arm's reach, you should consider the 75cm variant, which has a slightly narrower field of view, but has less dramatic vergence/accommodation conflict when viewing more distant content.

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This Bill of Materials can be downloaded here: PDF. The BOM can also be accessed here in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.



Project North Star Kit C (Assembled & Calibrated) (102001)

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