Raspberry Pi 3 Case (Black, Plastic) (101843)


Plastic is your budget-friendly option for Pi cases! This sleek black is great if you want a frugal, but also a more stylish alternative to see-through plastic or the more traditional raspberry colored case. 

It comes in three pieces but is easy to assemble. The Pi board gets placed on the bottom panel, covering up handy little heat-dissipation holes that will help cool down your hardworking RasPi. Don't worry about remembering what goes where, the inner layer has text labels for all the plugs so you don't have to disassemble to figure out hook up. Like the cherry on top, the uppermost panel has a neat little Raspberry icon. The underside of the case has four rubber pads to decrease slippage on smooth surfaces.

The Raspberry Pi 3, B+, PI2, and PI3 boards all fit thanks to their similar form factors.

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Raspberry Pi 3 Case (Black, Plastic) (101843)

A sleek, budget-friendly alternative for your Raspberry Pi 3's home. Fits the Pi 3, 3 B+, P12 and P13 boards.
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