Zio Qwiic Loudness Sensor (I2C) (101957)


If you're wanting to make a great all-round environment sensor kit, or record levels of noise, then include our loudness sensor!

We've designed this module with an ATTINY MCU to create this simple to use I2C (Qwiic) sensor. The MCU acts as an I2C gateway making it easy to communicate with the sensor, and the module outputs a 10-bit ADC value (0-1023) by using the ATTINYs ADC input pins to sense the level of noise from the microphone.

We've done the hard part, and programmed the MCU with the necessary I2C code already, so you can just plug and play!
If you're interested though, you can check out the firmware here.

You can use our demo code to get you started, and then start to build your own projects. It's simply a matter of reading the data from the MCU over I2C, and implementing it into your code, it's that easy!

This module is Qwiic compatible, so you can use our Qwiic cable to easily connect to other qwiic devices, with no soldering or jumper wires needed!


  • Gateway MCU: ATTINY85-20SU (Pre-programmed)
  • I2C address: 0x07- 0x78 (Default:0x38)
  • Loudness rate Range: 0-1023
  • Dimension: 36.3 x 36.5mm
  • Weight: 7.3g


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Zio Qwiic Loudness Sensor (I2C) (101957)

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