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LoRa Module Adapter Breakout Board

New LoRa module adapter breakout board


No idea how to connect LoRa module to your Arduino pin headers? Well, you've come to the right place!

This adapter board is compatible with both the Ra-01 and Ra-02 modules and is a perfect match for the modules' pads. Even with basic solder skills, you can easily solder your Lora module and antenna onto this breakout board. Have fun!

Click here go to Lora Module page:

LoRa Ra-01 433MHz Long Range Wireless Transceiver - SX1278 
LoRa Ra-02 433MHz Long Range Wireless Transceiver - SX1278 

Package List:

1x breakout board for LoRa module

2x 1*7pin 2.54mm

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