We're Ringing in the New Year - 2018 Edition


Seems like the universe decreased the delay() for 2017 and now it’s over.  As the new year approaches, we’d like to express our gratefulness to everyone who’s made our success possible in 2017. Thank you! We’re very much looking forward to what’s to come.





The Year in Review


- Noa Labs grew and with it Smart Prototyping! We expanded our office and warehouse space.

- It was also the year of site improvements. We upgraded our site’s design, our online quotation system for PCBs and added a PCBA online quotation system. We also moved server hosts to upgrade site speed and switched to the more secure https

- We made it easier to log into your account through either Facebook or your Google

- A full-time Marketing Manager was added 

- We’ve made it a priority to create products and contribute to the maker community

- And we broke ground on a permanent, mini studio for video shooting among many more accomplishments



New Year Resolutions


With 2018 ahead, I’m bringing the time-honored tradition of New Year Resolutions all the way to the Smart Prototyping office.


New Year resolutions were perhaps made to be broken and rarely do they stick, but it doesn’t make it any less fun coming up with them and envisioning one's better self. This tradition is not practiced by Chinese, but I went ahead and asked our team to come up with one resolution and one favorite thing about 2017 to celebrate the New Year.


Without further ado, here are some personal resolutions our team is making for the new year.




What about for Smart Prototyping? Well, we have several resolutions for 2018

  1. Bring you more, interesting products
  2. Win the monthly most interesting department activity
  3. Make the most kickass Star Wars rebellion themed office space
  4. Roll out ecosystems with interconnected modules you can use to create fun/cool/awesome sauce projects
  5. Set up a mini video studio
  6. And that last one Alex, our CEO, mentions in the video ;)


We have big things in store for 2018 and can't wait to embark on them with you all. One last time, thank you for your support for us in 2017 and happy New Year!

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