DIY Portable Computer Makes Leap Motion Project North Star Headset Somewhat Mobile (nextReality)

Posted by admin, 05/02/2019


Noah Zerkin, a research and development project manager at industrial design shop NOA Labs in Shenzhen, China, recently shared the "mobile" computer, a Windows 10 motherboard with a battery pack in a cardboard enclosure attached to a shoulder strap, on Twitter. The computer pushes AR content through Leap Motion's headset design, which offers a spatial computing interface and wide field of view via the company's motion controllers and a pair of reflective LCD displays.


Images by Noah Zerkin/Twitter


So far, Zerkin has run a sample scene via Unity on the makeshift computer pack, but he's also looking to test Project North Star — along with Occipital Structure Core for environmental mapping — for rendering more complex 3D content.


Suffice to say, the set-up probably won't pass any water or dust resistance standards. However, when quizzed on Twitter, Zerkin notes that it's unlikely to spontaneously combust, either.


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