What's your Zio level?


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What's your Zio level?


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;

an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

-Winston Churchill


If you noticed on some of our blog posts (the recent ones), there is this section that mentions “Difficulty Levels”. This is basically, what it means - the level of difficulty of your Zio understanding and the knowledge or experience you have with our Zio products.


We have categorized the levels into 4 major difficulties: Zio Youngling, Zio Padawan, Zio Knight, and Zio Master. Sounds familiar? A Star Wars fan can relate. :)


Now let us enlighten you with the details one by one and see which level of Zio you categorized or fall into.


Zio Youngling - Beginners

This is the level where you have the most basic (and most likely zero) understanding of our Zio products. At this level, it means you are a complete beginner and just starting out using Zio. A Zio Youngling experience the following:


  • Completely new to Zio products

  • Zero experience with Arduino and similar boards

  • Have zero to basic understanding of the Arduino IDE

  • No experience soldering

  • No IoT experience


Zio Padawan - Intermediate

The next level after a Youngling will be a Zio Padawan. At this level, you probably have mastered the basics but still, need guidance in terms of creating and setting up new projects. A Zio Padawan experience all that a Zio Youngling has including the following:


  • Have used Arduino and other similar boards

  • Have experience in soldering

  • Basic understanding of Zio products

  • Able to install and configure Zio products

  • Masters basic programming with Arduino IDE

  • Have tried Sketch example codes

  • Basic IoT experience


Zio Knight - Advanced

A Zio knight has more experience beyond just a Padawan. At this level, not only that you have experience building projects with Zio, but you are also able to code beyond example codes. Also at this level, you are able to mix and match Zio products with other Arduino compatible boards, components or modules. A Zio Knight experience all that a Zio Padawan has including the following:


  • Experienced with Zio Products

  • Experienced with Arduino compatible products

  • Advanced coding experience

  • Advanced Arduino IDE experience

  • Able to build new projects with Zio products


Zio Master - “Hail Master Zio

The only way if you are a Master of Zio products is if you have created a Zio product yourself and/or you are able to build advanced projects using Zio.


  • Build Zio modules, components, hardware

  • Create Advance projects with Zio

  • Create own libraries ​​Mastered Arduino and other IoT tools and hardware (Boards and IDE)


There you have it! The many difficulty levels of Zio explained in layman terms. Now if you want to try out some of our tutorials, check out the difficulty levels and see if there is a prerequisite needed to complete the project. For the most part, whatever levels you are in, Zio can still accommodate your project needs!


So, what's your Zio level?


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