Zio Default I2C Address Guide


We list out the default I2C address of all our Zio Products according to its main IC in this simple but helpful reference guide. Feel free to check them out below:


MAIN ICIC I2C AddressesZio ProductsZio Device (Default)
0x40-0x7FZio 4 DC Motor Controller0x40
0x40-0x7FZio 16 Servo Controller0x40
BNO0550x28,0x29Zio 9DOF IMU BNO0550x28
BNO0800x4A, 0x4BZio 9DOF IMU BNO0800x4A
0x6B, 0x1E
Accel and gyro: 0x6B
PCA95390x74-0x77Zio Line Finder0x74
BQ274410x55Zio LiPo Battery Manager0x55
TCA9548A0x70- 0x77Zio Qwiic Mux0x70
STM8L051F3P6TR0x00,0xA0-0xAFZio Ultrasonic Distance Sensor0x00
SSD13060x3CZio OLED Display 0.910x3C
SX15090x3E, 0x3F, 0x70, 0x71Zio Qwiic IO Expander0x3E
RFD774020x4CZio TOF Distance Sensor0x4C
& PCF8574T
0xA0-0xA7 & 0x21-0x27Zio Qwiic Eink Display 2.90xA0 & 0x27
0xA0-0xA7 & 0x21-0x27Zio Qwiic Eink Display Red 2.90xA0 & 0x27
ATTINY85-20SU0x22, 0x23Zio Qwiic RGB LED0x23
 0x07- 0x78Zio Qwiic Soil Moisture Sensor0x28
 0x07- 0x78Zio Qwiic Loudness Sensor0x38
 0x07- 0x78Zio Qwiic Relay0x18
SHT310x44, 0x45Zio Qwiic SHT31 Temperature & Humidity Sensor0x44
MLX906140x5AZio Qwiic IR Thermometer MLX906140x5A
BMP2800x76, 0x77Zio Qwiic Air Pressure Sensor0x77
TSL25610x29, 0x39, 0x49Zio Qwiic Light Sensor0x39
VEML60750x10Zio Qwiic UV Sensor0x10
DS3231SN0x68Zio Qwiic RTC0x68
INA2190x40, 0x41, 0x44, 0x45Zio Qwiic Current Sensor0x40
DRV2605L0x5AZio Qwiic Haptic Motor Controller + LRA Motor (Y-Axis)0x5A
 0x5AZio Qwiic Haptic Motor Controller + LRA Motor (Z-Axis)0x5A
TCS347250x29Zio Qwiic RGB Color Sensor0x29
CCS8110x5A, 0x5BZio Qwiic Air Quality Sensor0x5A
MLX903930x0C, 0x0D, 0x0E, 0x0FZio Qwiic Triple Axis Magnetometer0x0C
ATMEGA328P0x35, 0x36Zio Qwiic LoRa Module0x35
ATTINY84A0x37, 0x36Zio Qwiic MP3 Player0x37
SC16IS7520x4D, 0x4C, 0x49, 0x48Zio Qwiic GPS Sensor M8N0x4D
PAJ7620U20x73Zio Qwiic Gesture Sensor0x73
SSD13270x78, 0x7AZio Qwiic 1.5in. OLED Display0x78
PMSA003I0x12Zio Qwiic PM2.5 Sensor Adapter0x12


For Adafruit's I2C Addresses you can refer to their list here. if you experience any conflict with rergards to your device I2C address when using Adafruit or Sparkfun's library just refer back to this list as each Main IC have more than one selectable addresses that you can use.


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