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Updated PCB Prototyping Online Quotation System


Have you noticed? We have a fresher look about our PCB Prototyping page.

Not only does it look fresh, it also includes, even more, options so you can order exactly what you need in no time! Now it’s easier to order to your precise specifications and receive a quotation instantly, even for more special requirements. 

What’s changed? Glad you asked!

We’ve added a side panel where you can see the full list of your specifications. It also hosts a dynamic price calculator that changes according to the options you select.




Now you can get an instant quote on Aluminum or Flexible PCBs, in addition to the reliable FR-4.

The layers available have doubled.

Instead of offering options in increments of 5 mm, any number within the range of 10-500 mm can be entered. Want to design a 47x126 board? Go right ahead.

PCB and copper thickness are now highly customizable with a 3 oz copper thickness and 0.4/2.4 mm PCB thickness additions. 

And we’ve even thrown in 3 different bold color choices for your solder mask. Have your PCBs make a statement in Purple, Matte Green, or Matte Black.

OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative) is now the third environmentally friendly surface finish we offer alongside our previously offered ENIG and HASL Lead-Free.


This line of work can get complex, so we wanted to put the ease in easey with pop-up explanations on all options. Some options even have separate support pages should you need them.


To ensure there are no hidden fees, we’ve laid out the special requirements in its own section. Need BGA, Blind Vias, or Impedance Control? See how those affect the price.





















Require multiple PCB stencils? Well, now we offer quantities from 1 to 10 directly in our online quotation page.

One of the cool new features is our smarter than ever working-time calculator. See how your specifications affect the working days required to fab it and not only immediately see our turnaround time, but also your available expedited production options. 

If you’re wondering where that E-Test option went, don’t! Our price includes 100% E-Testing

This line of work can get complex, so we wanted to put the ease in easey with pop-up explanations on all options. Some options even have separate support pages should you need them.


Check it out for yourself.


Got any feedback for us? Email us at pcb@smart-prototyping.com! We’re always open to ways we can improve to give you a better experience.


2 Comment(s)

20/09/2017, 10:40:03 AM

Why your quotation system dosen't recalculate panilized PCB's? If i choose "required" and input desired array, price stays the same. Next good thing will be a gerber viewer after upload, especialy with panelized option. Regards

Alex Chu:
20/09/2017, 11:05:17 AM

Hello Dave,Thanks for your message. For same PCB panilization, we don't charge extra cost, so the price will not change by inputting array. Gerber viewer is not easy to do, but it is in our future plan!

20/09/2017, 12:32:08 PM

Ok, when I choose dimensions of pcb 50x50mm, and then I set panel size for 2x2, price stay at the same point. So I need to multiply base pcb, in this case array 2x2 dimensions will be 200x200 Am I right?

26/10/2017, 02:42:34 AM

Hi Dave, So the single board dimension is 50x50mm, and you want 2x2 panel, so which means 100x100mm for the big panel dimension. In this case, when you choose 10pcs PCB quantity, you will get 40pcs small board on 10pcs big panel.

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