Build a Project North Star headset with Polaris AR kit




Polaris AR, an emerging player in the field of AR headset technology, has announced the availability of mass-produced modules for Leap Motion’s Project North Star headsets – including lenses, display drivers boards, and high-resolution 120Hz-capable displays. In addition to individual modules, Polaris AR has begun to offer ready-made North Star kits that include all of the necessary mechanical components, optionally including the 3D-printed plastic parts, to assemble a finished headset. To promote the exciting possibilities of Project North Star, a special workshop will be hosted by both Polaris AR and Occipital on the weekend of June 1–2, 2019 in Sunnyvale, CA. 


For only $999, you will have the chance to build your very own Project North Star headset using a Polaris AR kit! The workshop will provide hands-on guidance for constructing and programming the headset over the course of the weekend. By joining the workshop you will be able to leave with your own fully assembled Project North Star headset, which will include the Polaris AR kit, Leap Motion’s Controller, and Occipital’s Structure Core Sensor – almost a thousand dollar’s worth of technology!


Following the 10th Annual AWE AR+VR conference, the workshop will be hosted nearby at Star Space, Sunnyvale, California. We suggest that you register early to avoid disappointment as seats are limited. Click here now to register! 


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