Light Up Your Day with the Rainbow RGB LED


You’re in a bad mood, the sky is grey, and it’s been raining all day… Never fear! We happen to have the perfect solution to cheer you up. Get started with the Rainbow LED and its 16-super bright RGB LEDs and let it brighten up your day.


All you need to get started is an Arduino Uno board, the LEDs and of course, some jumper wires (male to male), and a soldering iron. We'll also use the Adafruit's NeoPixel Library. From there you can program more than 16 million different color combinations and make a true Rainbow!


Want to learn how to use it or how you can use RGB LEDs more generally? Head over to our Instructable for this how-to where we will show you how the device works with an easy-to-follow example.


Let's go!


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