GY-68 BMP180 Barometric Pressure Board Tutorial


So, you want to measure the weather but don't know where to begin? The BMP180 (Barometric Pressure) is the perfect component to start with! 



This sensor will enable you to measure not only air pressure but also since air pressure varies with altitude, you can also measure that! There’s also a temperature sensor included to provide even more information about the weather. Cool, right?

The pressure decreases with height, so you can use this to determine the altitude. Temperature and humidity also affect the pressure. This way you can use this sensor to measure changes in pressure and predict the weather. Generally, increasing pressure indicates stable and often sunny weather and decreasing pressure indicates chances for rain and cloudy skies.


Our tutorial on Instructables will guide you through getting started with this little sensor. Heads up! Some soldering is involved to attach the headerpins. But other than that, all you need is an Arduino Uno, some jumper wires, and the Arduino IDE. Ready to begin?

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