Zio Starter Kit 3  (20 Modules + 11 Parts) (102013)

Zio is a new line of open sourced, compact, and grid layout boards, fully integrated with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, MicroPython and any MCU support I2C.

Designed by Smart Prototyping, Zio is made suitably for wearables, robotics, small-space limitations or other on the go projects.

Build on Sparkfun's Qwiic Connect System all Qwiic modules can be connected and used plug and play with any other module which has a Qwiic connector. And in case you want to connect other modules you can use our Qwiic adapters to a Pinheader, Breakout Board, Grove, Raspberry Pi.

You can learn more on our Zio on the Zio landing page zio.cc.

Special Limited Time Offer: The Zio Starter Kits are significantly cheaper than buying each Zio Module separately. And for market introduction we offer an insane discount on top of that. Due to that the Starter Kits are limited to 1 Starter Kit per customer.

Zio Starter Kit ComparisonKit 1
Kit 2
Kit 3
Price of Starter Kit (USD)
Price if Purchased Separately (USD)
Savings (USD)38.8067.70121.00
Modules Included71220
Cables Included183345
Other Parts Included3672107

CategorySKU NO. Product Name  Kit 1 Kit 2
Kit 3
Computation101886  Zuino M UNO (5V Qwiic)111
101887 Zuino XS PsyFi32 (ESP32, Qwiic, 3.3V, WiFi, BLE)---
101934 Zio nRF52832 Dev Board (Qwiic, BLE, NFC, 3.3V)---
101968 Zio Qwiic nrf52840 Dev Board---
101793 Raspberry Pi---
Qwiic Communication101899 Zio Qwiic Adapter (Qwiic to 4-Pin Header)111
101898 Zio Qwiic Hub (3 extra Qwiic Connectors)111
101946 Zio Qwiic to Grove Adapter-11
101925 Zio Qwiic Level Translator (PCA9306)---
101937 Zio Qwiic Hat for Raspberry Pi-11
101901 Zio Qwiic IO Expander (16 Channels)---
101911 Zio Qwiic Booster (LTC4311)---
101900 Zio Qwiic Mux (8 multiplexed Qwiic I2C Busses)---
Wireless Communication101956 Zio Qwiic Lora Module (433MHz, I2C)---
101966 Zio Qwiic Lora Module 915MHz---
101940 Zio Qwiic LoRa Dev Board (433MHz)---
Power Management101975 Zio Qwiic Power Adapter LM2596---
101917 Zio DC-DC Booster---
101888 Zio LiPo Battery Manager (Qwiic, 3.7Vin, 0.5A/Charger, 3.3Vout, 1.35Amax)---
Actuator / Driver101939 Zio Qwiic Relay (1 Channel)-11
101896 Zio 16 Servo Controller (Qwiic)111
101897 Zio 4 DC Motor Controller (Qwiic, 2.5 to 13.5V, 1.2A Continuous, 3.2A Peak)--1
101932 Zio Qwiic RGB LED APA102--1
Sensors (General)101904 Zio Line Finder (Qwiic, 4 Transceivers)---
101905 Zio Rotary Encoder Sensor---
101931 Zio Qwiic Current & Voltage Sensor INA219--1
101936 Zio Qwiic RGB Color Sensor TCS34725---
101924 Zio Qwiic RTC module (DS3231)---
101928 Zio Qwiic Surface Temperature Infrared Sensor (MLX9061)---
101955 Zio Qwiic GPS Module (U-blox, NEO-M8N-0-10)---
101974 Zio Qwiic RFID Card Reader Module (MFRC522)---
Sensor (Distance)101890 Zio Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (Qwiic, 2 to 400cm)-11
101891 Zio TOF Distance Sensor RFD77402 (Qwiic, 10 to 200cm)---
Sensor (Environment)101927 Zio Qwiic Air Pressure Sensor (BMP280)--1
101926 Zio Qwiic Temperature Humidity Sensor (SHT31)111
101963 Zio Qwiic PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor + Adapter Board---
101930 Zio Qwiic Light Sensor TSL2561111
101929 Zio Qwiic UV Sensor VEML6075---
101957 Zio Qwiic Loudness Sensor (I2C)-11
101941 Zio Qwiic Soil Moisture Sensor (I2C)--1
Sensor (Orientation)101935 Zio Qwiic Triple Axis Magnetometer MLX90393---
101893 Zio 9DOF IMU LSM9DS1 (Qwiic)---
101892 Zio 9DOF IMU BNO055 (Qwiic)--1
101894 Zio 9DOF IMU BNO080 (Qwiic)---
User Interface (Input)101970 Zio Qwiic Capacitive Touch Sensor Module (AT42QT2120)---
101964 Zio Qwiic Gesture Sensor (PAJ7620U2)--1
User Interface (Display)101902 Zio OLED Display (0.91 in, 128x32, Qwiic)11-
101954 Zio Qwiic OLED Display (1.5inch, 128x128)--1
101906 Zio E-Ink Display (1.5 in, 200x 200 pixels)---
101907 Zio E-Ink Display (2.1in, 2 Grey)---
101909 Zio E-Ink Display (2.9 in, Black, White, Red)---
101908 Zio E-Ink Display (2.9 in, 296x128 pixels 2 Grey)---
101921 Zio Qwiic E-ink Display (2.9inch, black and white, 296x 128 pixel)---
101921 Zio Qwiic E-ink Display (2.9inch, black, white and Red, 296x 128 pixel)---
User Interface (Audio)101942 Zio Qwiic MP3 Player--1
User Interface (Haptic)101943 Zio Qwiic Haptic Motor Controller + LRA Motor (Y-Axis, G0832012)---
Cables101831 Qwiic Cables 5 cm51015
101832 Qwiic Cables 10 cm51015
101833 Qwiic Cables 20 cm355
101950 Qwiic Cables 50 cm355
- Qwiic Cables 150 cm---
101834 Qwiic Breakout jumper Cables 235
Accessories- DC Motor--1
10100015 Servo motor11
Enclosure & Mounting (General)101843 Raspberry Case---
- Mounting Plate123
 Enclosure & Mounting (Mounting Screws)- Nuts102030
- Screws102030
- Short Distancer102030
- Long Distancer51015



If you have any suggestions or ideas, or wish to have some sensor or whatever to embed Qwiic, please contact us!



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Zio Starter Kit 3 (20 Modules + 11 Parts) (102013)

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